Cap Swag Wildwood | Genesis of A Retail Concept


In 2012, I decided it was time for us to take our show on the road. I  had been toying with the idea of opening locations in shore resort towns for a while, taking impromptu 12:00 am trips to the wildwood boardwalk and really trying to understand the area and that boardwalk as a whole. I came to the realization that although there were varying challenges to opening a location 45 minutes away from my home, in an area that I had a limited understanding of, the benefits out weighed the risk. I inked a deal on a location that although I didn’t love, served its purpose.  I went to work on a retail  design  with an  honest approach to utilizing our knowledge of Retail build outs to put together a store on a Shoe String budget. That meant sacrificing  a lot of form in return for a functional store that would allow us to test our retail concept and move forward as a company.  As the saying goes: if you build it they will come and the wildwood boardwalk responded.  We felt reinforced by their love and wanted to show them the best version of us.

 Cap Swag 2.0 | The Present

At the end of the 2014 season, we decided it was time for us to move on to a new and improved  location and rethink ourselves as a retail operation on the boardwalk in wildwood, NJ.  After 3 Years operating at the 3008 Boardwalk Location we decided that the time was correct for a move. After negotiating a lease with a landlord that really supported our retail concept, we felt the financial motivation to secure your our concept further by building out the space we had always envisioned ourselves having.

The vision was to create something that was more than just a retail space but a place that people could really connect with.  Our focus was Customer Experience followed by function and form. The outcome exceeded our own expectations of what a space could feel like and the customer response to the space itself reinforced that.


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