Embroidery, Streetwear, and Quality: a love affair.

Streetwear Meets  Embroidery The Lost Art 

For  those of us that are not familiar with embroidery, Custom Stitch, Decorated apparel or what ever you may call it in your part of the world. Embroidery is essentially taking a material and intertwining it with another material. We broke ground on embroidery about 2 years ago, after doing a lot of research and visiting a few showrooms we decided we could only work with what we considered the best commercial machine on the market: Tajima, ( Shout-out to Tajima for the reliability and quality of equipment).  Being the detailed obsessed retailers that we are, and dealing with some of the best brands in the headwear industry, we didn’t want to sacrifice quality by not bringing the highest level of craftsmanship in product to match what we are currently selling through our Brand relationships. So we put out close to $15,000 and purchased a single head machine and  the digitizing equipment ( $6,500 for software and computer equipment ), Ya you read that right . We started with understanding the software and the digitizing ( or converting of image files into machine ready files), we still currently digitize some of the files we work with.  After really understanding the software and the technical operation of the machine, we started making moves, doing jobs for all kinds of business and local start-up brands, musicians and for our own in-house label “Foot Clan”.


Local Business Jobs

There are levels to this Sh*T

After taking the time perfect our craft of custom embroidery on Dad hats, simple apparel, Fitted hats. We started to experiment  With leathers, and various other materials as well, biker jackets vests and many other items.  We currently embroider many different forms of material including all types of headwear and can do both flat embroidery and foam embroidery. Below is a custom hat made with foam or 3d puff underlay.


Foam 3d Puff embroidery


Custom embroidered Leather biker Vest



Check out the Build your Brand Section of the site for info on how to get started and we we would be happy to help!


3 thoughts on “Embroidery, Streetwear, and Quality: a love affair.

  1. This is an insanely good write up, thank you so much for sharing, great insight into embroidery. Never realised it was so complicated!


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