Starting your Clothing brand off Correct With controlled risk.

Cap Swag | Custom Clothing Printing

About three years ago at  Agenda a Street wear Show in New York City. I was introduced to the idea of Direct To Garment or ” DTG “, it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the technology.  Printing a shirt out on printer with little to no art work costs and being able to do it for a customer in less than 20mins, allows us as a business to experiment with your designs and give you an idea what your idea can be in real-time. First shirt we ever created naturally Had to be the Iconic Cap Swag Logo.

For those who don't know, this is a direct to garment printer featured in this video. With this amazing piece of machinery that we are adding to our stores, we will be able to print your custom brand/business/personal artwork on any t-shirt or garment within minutes. Paired with our amazing embroidery, there is no reason why Cap Swag won't be your one-stop brand building shop! Make sure to follow us on if you haven't already, @capswagusa . is a great way to see dope music videos featuring your favorite things about our stores and employees. Cap Swag Logo T-Shirt Print (made by @ capswagusa with ♬ One Dance (Ft. Wizkid & Kyla) – Drake. #musicallyapp #Drake #OneDanceFtWizkidKyla #music #musicvideo #musical #musica #followme #bestoftheday #instadaily #capswag #wildwood #embroidery #directtogarment #custom #customapparel #dtg #custommade #customshirts #tshirt #epson #berlinmart #oceancity #boardwalk

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Where’s the Value at?

Didn’t take long for us to understand the value of being able to make this technology useful to the Streetwear brand Start up, the musician or local upcoming artist , or awareness campaign.  We loved the fact that we could do complex images in such a short time in a wide range of blanks from shirts, hoodies, sweaters, converse sneakers. The Brands imagination is really our limitation, and the quantities can be one piece at a time  helping the brands do what I like to call ” Controll your L’s” aka controlled risk! That’s the kind of technology we wanted to mess with, so we pulled the trigger spent the 25k ( in american currency haha).




We unpacked the equipment and got to work almost instantly, when you spend that kind of money your half excited half Scared for you life you made a mistake.




We installed it in our Berlin market location Cap Swag Berlin and got work to designing and producing shirts for customers. If your interested or have some questions about DTG ( direct to garment)  Check our Website for information or just give us a call we’d be happy to help you get started !


Flix and chill shirt

Flix and chill shirt can be purchased here!


Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 6.12.52 PM.png
Check out our selection of shirts!


Let me know what you think of the Post, love to hear feed back people!


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